Why Food?

Reduce to Improve


I was born into a traditional Southern family with a strong matriarchal muscle in a small town community. We ate, we laughed, we loved. This is where I learned the joy and the heart of cooking. I moved to Dallas almost a decade ago and was finally free to branch out of those traditional meals and flavors into a whole new world of ingredients and opportunity with food, especially healthier balanced meals. I’ve never been happier or healthier since moving to the city but I haven’t forgotten where I’ve come from and the foundation that I was built upon.

Fraction Fare was born out of my journey of learning how to treat myself and what a treat really is.  I’ve been good at being on the unhealthy side of the pendulum and also the crazy probably too-healthy side. But with lots of time, trial and error and learning I’ve finally entered into a place of balance.  A treat is a sometime thing not an all the time thing. But what if that sometime thing were made a bit healthier? Or in smaller batches, or to give away (one of my favorites)? I want to live my best and healthiest life and still not miss out on foods I love or those special moments accompanied by food.

The table is the gathering place of every home or restaurant, where your friends and family, blood or chosen, share everything from food, stories, ideas and laughter.  That’s the way it was in the home I grew up in with the most hospitable open door policy. It was a home to many and at the heart was always the kitchen. Where kindred souls could come together and share life.  Whether its a kitchen table, coffee table, bar, or even a campfire, there are “tables” all throughout our days.  The table fosters community and fellowship and food nourishes not only the body but the soul.

Food carries memories, stories, history, tradition and in most cases culture.  It is a vehicle for communication with family, friends and even other cultures. Sometimes nothing says “I love you” more than being given a breakfast taco. But it’s more than that. The kitchen is where I express my creativity and undoubtedly have the most fun – it’s made even more enjoyable by getting to share those creations with others.

Here you’ll find tried and true recipes full of quick substitutions, of my own and adaptation of others, stories and memories, and even a few local restaurant reviews.  So get cooking or go try some place new out on the town but gather around a table and share you.


Lauren Diomampo