Emporium Pies

A huge part of my heart, and my stomach, belongs to the quintessential American dessert: pie.  I’ve grown up on good southern pie and for the love of pie, you need this place in your life.  I accidentally stumbled upon this quirky pie heaven during its inaugural weekend of business and ever since then it’s been history.  I broke up with this place for a while when I started to really get my  diet under control about a year and a half ago, but recently opened my heart back up to the sheer pleasure of occasional pie enjoyment.  Emporium Pies is taking pie, turning them on their head and taking them to the next level.

The pies alone stand out against anything your grandmother ever made.  Yeah, I went there. But the actual shop is cozy and invites you in to linger a bit longer than most people would find as an acceptable amount of time.  I have spent countless hours here for birthdays, National Pie Day, Pi Day (yes, 3.14), Tuesdays, good days and bad.  They are settled in an old renovated home with wood floors, huge windows and homey décor.  Not to mention the front porch and outdoor tables.  You will be randomly served on mix-matched china and silverware, just like at grannie’s.  I don’t think I’ve had the same plate twice. Also, their music selection is always on point and will surely keep your toe tapping.

Located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, the emporium unsurprisingly draws in a crowd of hip, young twenty-somethings in trendy clothes and obscure haircuts.  Their pretty much my favorite crowd, but this place is also hot amongst families, oldies, and the ever-so-often out-of-towner.  The love and need for pie truly transcends all generational, political, economical and geographical lines that otherwise would separate us.  It’s like a local watering hole for greatness.

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I have basically been a street evangelist for this place for a couple of years so I’m pretty in to this place.  The concept, the super friendly owners and pies that have never ever disappointed me or let me down.  I’ve nearly tried them all, believe me, as embarrassing as that may sound.  You can have your pie straight up, a-la-mode (with vanilla ice cream), warmed, cold, or with a freshly hand poured cup of locally roasted, single-origin Cultivar coffee.  They even have a little bar for you to fix up your joe however you like it. The owners of this joint are super friendly and definitely have a creative eye with a knack for detail.  This has helped make them very successful.  They have perfected the art of pie making and baking.  They are a fantastic example of the currently trendy specialty, boutique business scene, finding your one thing and being really, really great at that one thing.

The Pies

Smooth Operator – If it is your first time, this is the pie you need to try to start off.  It will win over year heart and will keep you coming back for more!  French silk chocolate pie with a pretzel crust.  Just enough salt to awaken your taste buds to the most pleasant salty/sweet surprise. Sharing this pie would be a selfless act of true love, because you will want it all to yourself!

Cloud Nine – the first pie I ever tried here.  House made caramel lines the bottom.  Rich, creamy butterscotch custard fills the middle.  Their toasted brown sugar meringue tops it all. All nestled in a classic pie dough crust.  If you are sensitive to sweetness or sugary desserts, this may not be your pie.

Lord of the Pies – The quintessential pie.  Every American’s dream realized in food.  Deep dish apple pie, baked with their handmade caramel and topped with a crispy cinnamon streusel in a butter, flaky crust. You know you’ll want it a-la-mode. Just do it. Don’t resist.

Strawberry Fields – A delightful berry showcase indeed.  Strawberry, rhubarb and raspberries come together in a flaky double crust.  A tangy, tart summer treat.

Drunken Nut – Bourbon pecan pie with shortbread crust. Enough said.  Yes, just, yes.

In The Limelight – A summer classic for the excruciating Texas heat.  Their take on the classic Key Lime pie involves cream cheese, but you’ll have to try it to see what I’m talking about.

The best part?  They make all of their pies from scratch with love, obviously.  They also roll with the season, so whatever is in is what they’re baking!  It doesn’t get any better, or fresher, than that!  They even have surprise pies like the strawberry balsamic hand pie or the chicken pot pie that I just had this past weekend celebrating math (Pi).  Follow them on social media to see what they’re up to and for fun specials and surprises.  And the greatest complement you could leave any pie baker is a clean plate. Pie makes you a winner. Be a winner; eat pie.

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