Food Fued: Avocado Toast

There are many notable feuds alive and well in the world: Yankees vs. Red Socks, chocolate vs. vanilla, republicans vs. democrats, etc.  But no one loves a feud as much as a food feud.  Growing up on neighborhood streets there’s the battle of “my dad’s burger is better than your dad’s” and many restaurants claiming to have the “original” dish in their city!  Well I’ve brought it home, all the way into my own kitchen, turning one piece of toast against another, and in this battle, I’m the real winner.  (hello, I get to eat them all!)

Avocado toast has been my newest craving, at almost every meal of the day.  Crips toast, mashed avocado and a plethora of endless toppings and combinations, all delicious and all devoured in T minus 5 minutes.  There’s savory and even sweet when it comes to avocado.  So I wanted to get creative and see how many delicious combinations I could come up with!  It’s so simple yet so satisfying and keeping my hunger at bay for good lengths of the day. You can go sweet or savory but you can’t go wrong! No really, you can’t….well, maybe you can, but that’s on you!

For the base of all of my avocado toasts, usually eaten in the morning, but not exclusively, is my Silver Hills Bakery Big 16 bread, toasted to a perfect golden brown.  It is a whole sprouted grain bread with 16 types of seeds and grains-perfect for pre-day or pre-exercise fuel.  The other is small, ripe avocados, which living in Texas seem to always be in season.  I personally only use half of an avocado per toast slice, but you can do you, no one will judge.  I just mash it up with a fork on a plate, it’s that simple.  Dress it up any which way you want, the options really are endless.

Toast One:     Quick Weekday Breakfast

Scrambled Egg. S+P.

Toast Two:     Afternoon Encouragement

Toasted pine nuts. Sprouts. Hot sauce. Garlic powder. S+P.

Toast Three:     Brunch Toast

Fried egg, runny yolk. Crumbled bacon. Fresh cilantro. Sriracha. S+P.

Toast Four:     Brazilian Dessert

Sliced banana, Local honey drizzle

Toast Five:     Mexican Expectation

Salsa. Black beans. Cotija cheese.

Toast Six:     Handheld Salad

Sliced heirloom tomato. Balsamic reduction. Basil. S+P.

So there you have it.  Super simple and simply delicious!  Try out some of my combinations or experiment with your own.  Remember sweet works too. Have fun, get creative, and try to keep it health minded.


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