Back-To-School Brekkie

There are few things from the 90s that I would ever change. Maybe my haircut in grade school or rank of birth, but never things like Saturday Morning Cartoons or tree-fort building in the woods behind the house because our parents were gone and America was safer. Those moments were golden.

IMG_7917 copy

Born into a dual income family a lot of my siblings’ and my mornings were spent at the waiting room for school, the cafeteria, or in our case cafetorium (what is that? Why?). We knew the drill, avoid eye contact with your peers, rush in to line and get….well, what was it, really? Chocolate milk, always. The rest, were not so sure. Those of us who survived will never speak of what we saw, even to this day. Unless it was cereal day. Thank God for cereal day!

While thrift shopping, a regular occurrence in our household, I came across a set of vintage cafeteria food trays and fell in love, mostly with the nostalgia but also with the color and possibilities. I knew immediately that a lot of or meals would be eaten off these trays so that my corn could never run into my roast chicken. Vote “no” to soggy chicken skin!


With all of the life happenings as of late I feel as though I was on some sort of mental summer vacation. But as summer has officially ended and school days rolled back around so has a more consistent routine (finally!). Which means that I get to spend more time doing what I love which is spending all of my time, energy and spare change in the kitchen creating.

This summer I spent my fair share of time watching Australian television, closing my eyes tightly to imagine what life would have looked like had I stayed there after my abbreviated time living there. There’s something so comforting about the sound of Aussie accents, giving every single person and thing shortened nicknames and drama-free television. Let’s be honest, American TV is way over the top and just simply too much to handle most of the time. Cue Masterchef Australia, the show that comforted me when I was dealing with massive culture shock and adjustment has now come back around to comfort me in the re-adjusting times. I know people say that getting married “isn’t easy” but why don’t they just come out with it and say “it’s hard”?! Dear single people, it’s hard! There you go! But, it’s also worth it. (but it’s still hard).

I had so much fun making this delicious, whimsical school tray breakfast (brekkie). I get all of the fun without any of the gross school-related stuff like homework and assigned seating. Let’s be honest, none of us had days off like Ferris Bueller. Also, I don’t mind my food touching, but wow, I really love these sectioned trays. It’s not often that you get to eat directly off of a rectangular “plate”.¬†They’re really wonderful and great for portion control, too! Make America great again? Pfffft. Make more trays again!!

This breakfast was one of my favorites. It was definitely consumed while authentic 90s commercials looped on the TV thanks to the internets. It’s an authentic school breakfast but with real food and dressed way up! If this was my school breakfast I would have gladly spent that pre-education hour there every day of the week. -except Friday’s, those were reserved for donuts and Burger King.

What’s on it:

  • French toast stickies
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Soft scrambled eggs
  • Homemade “trix” yogurt
  • Maple chicken sausage
  • Stumptown cold brew (aka adult chocolate milk)

Brekkie Tray, serves 2

French Toast Stickies

1 recipe Go-To French Toast batter

4 slices thick cut brioche, cut each into 4 batons. (16 batons total)

Heat your skillet over medium and melt butter to coat. Quickly dip 8 of the batons in the batter to coat and immediately add them to the hot pan. Turn the batons every minute until all 4 sides are cooked and caramelized. Repeat with the second half of batons. Serve hot with warm pure maple syrup.

Soft scrambled eggs

4 large eggs

1 Tbsp mascarpone

Salt + pepper

Whisk the all ingredients together until very well combined and frothy. ¬†There will be flecks of mascarpone, it’s okay. Let the whisked eggs sit while you warm up your skillet over medium-low heat, about 10 minutes.

Add 1-2 Tablespoons of butter to your pre-heated skillet and then add the eggs: immediately and continuously stir the eggs, to break up the curds, on and off the heat for about 8 minutes (1 minute on, 1 minute off) until the eggs are almost fully cooked, but still glossy. Serve immediately, top with chives, if desired.

“Trix” Yogurt

2 cartons Siggi’s 0% vanilla skyr

1/2 small, ripe mango

4 large, 5 small strawberries

With a small blender, food processor or immersion blender blend together one of the cartons of yogurt with the mango until fully blended and evenly colored. In a separate bowl, repeat the same with the strawberries and the remaining carton of yogurt.

Simultaneously pour each flavored yogurt back into one of the cartons and then repeat with the other. You should have one flavor on each side of the same carton. Cover and refrigerate to set. Can be made in advance.


Honorable mentions: (2) Stumptown chocolate cold brew coffee cartons. So, so sweet but a cute little milk carton. It’s like grown up chocolate milk (as if we all truly grow up). (4) Maple chicken breakfast sausages from my local Trader Joe’s. Because adult children can be concerned about the source of their sweet meat, too. With you skillet on medium heat brown sausage on all sides, about 8 minutes total.

Best served with a side of classic Saturday morning cartoons.


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