Ultra-Plush Johnny Cakes

Although I don’t know where the name “Johnny Cakes” comes from or if there were even a Johnny involved I do know that I’ve been testing out king-sized beds and pillows so I can get some king-sized Zzzzzs at night. Me + a 6’3″ tall husband on a queen bed = no good. Through the trial I’ve found out I don’t like my mattresses plush but rather my pancakes. My lack of sleep always leaves me ready to just spring out of bed and make my way to the kitchen for breakfast.

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Brioche? Bri-almost.

Carbs are an essential part of my life as a breakfast lover. These can include potatoes and grits but mostly consists of pancakes, biscuits, toasts of all sorts, shapes and colors, muffins English and American, scones and almost infinitely more breads.  I really wanted to stretch myself for the upcoming weekend and impending brunch and make my own brioche….or something close to it.


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Fresh Spiced Gingerbread

As I get older I start to understand more and more the reality of craving certain types of food during specific seasons. Summer is dripping with cool, fresh fruits to quench our appetites while winter arrives and we immediately want that full feeling that comes with warm foods full of whole grains, spices, and more. (soups, pies, gourds, meat, etc.). An epitomical food that fills your homes with the aroma of pure holiday joy is gingerbread. Packed with flavor, bursting with spices and so satisfying. This 100% whole grain loaf will keep you fuller longer and with give the bread a toasty, nutty, wholesome flavor and texture.

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Beet Breakfast Sammie

I just lived through the rainiest May on record for Dallas, TX, and I gotta say, I’m so glad it’s over!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain.  I love reading and sipping coffee to the sounds of rain and the blue light that comes from cloud coverage, but I live in Texas, not Seattle.  And I’m glad I don’t because when it rains and rains and rains, the unfortunate side effect of me just wanting to bake and eat everything happens.  And when my roommate leaves me alone in the apartment, I have no accountability and limited self control when it comes to sweets and baked goods! Continue reading

Food Fued: Avocado Toast

There are many notable feuds alive and well in the world: Yankees vs. Red Socks, chocolate vs. vanilla, republicans vs. democrats, etc.  But no one loves a feud as much as a food feud.  Growing up on neighborhood streets there’s the battle of “my dad’s burger is better than your dad’s” and many restaurants claiming to have the “original” dish in their city!  Well I’ve brought it home, all the way into my own kitchen, turning one piece of toast against another, and in this battle, I’m the real winner.  (hello, I get to eat them all!)

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Blue Cornbread

Recently I have experienced the unexpected goodness of blue cornmeal. I mean, where has this been all of my life? One of the best kept secrets of the grocery store aisles, and to me the superior sibling to the more common yellow and white cornmeal. It is more intense, slightly nuttier and naturally sweeter in flavor, it has more of a crunch texturally and it’s blue!  Come on! Not to mention it a slight nutritional advantage over its more traditional counterparts, has a lower GI and is loaded with fiber with about 20% more protein.  I personally like to use Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Blue Cornmeal.  You can usually find it at health food stores.  This New Mexican staple is now a regular resident on my pantry shelves.

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