Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake

I know, I know. Citrus season is quickly waning and I’m a little late to the full spectacle that is blood oranges and Meyer lemons in their hay of their day, but there’s just something about spring that makes me crave citrusy flavors! (Side note: I did consume an unacceptably large amount of blood oranges between the months of January and February. Ob-sessed.)

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Mini Carrot Cakes with Tahini Buttercream



Happy May! Spring has sprung in Texas but in reality it’s more like pre-summer. There are really only two seasons in Texas: summer and winter. Then we have a tiiiiny little amount of time that’s pre-spring and pre-winter. But right when the warmer weather peeks its head through the clouds I get out and about.

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Fresh Spiced Gingerbread

As I get older I start to understand more and more the reality of craving certain types of food during specific seasons. Summer is dripping with cool, fresh fruits to quench our appetites while winter arrives and we immediately want that full feeling that comes with warm foods full of whole grains, spices, and more. (soups, pies, gourds, meat, etc.). An epitomical food that fills your homes with the aroma of pure holiday joy is gingerbread. Packed with flavor, bursting with spices and so satisfying. This 100% whole grain loaf will keep you fuller longer and with give the bread a toasty, nutty, wholesome flavor and texture.

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The Season of Cake

In the past few months of my silence I have undergone many major life changes.  New housing, moving, being extremely sick (twice), traveling, new job position, new vehicle, major choices, etc.  With all of this mental exhaustion and just the weight of the stress of adulthood where it seems most of my conscious hours are spent worrying about this bill or that errand, I have greatly neglected the things that simply make me happy.  One of the greatest, cooking.  More specifically, baking.

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Mini Strawberry Napoleons

One of the greatest things about cooking at home is being able to control what goes in “it” and how much goes in.  This holds especially true to desserts and its notorious heavy hitter, sugar.  Well I have simplified a classic dessert and cut some, yes only some, it is still dessert of course, of the sugar down.  Fresh, in season, ripe fruit is a great way to keep the amount of refined or processed sugars down.

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Emporium Pies

A huge part of my heart, and my stomach, belongs to the quintessential American dessert: pie.  I’ve grown up on good southern pie and for the love of pie, you need this place in your life.  I accidentally stumbled upon this quirky pie heaven during its inaugural weekend of business and ever since then it’s been history.  I broke up with this place for a while when I started to really get my  diet under control about a year and a half ago, but recently opened my heart back up to the sheer pleasure of occasional pie enjoyment.  Emporium Pies is taking pie, turning them on their head and taking them to the next level.

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