Ultra-Plush Johnny Cakes

Although I don’t know where the name “Johnny Cakes” comes from or if there were even a Johnny involved I do know that I’ve been testing out king-sized beds and pillows so I can get some king-sized Zzzzzs at night. Me + a 6’3″ tall husband on a queen bed = no good. Through the trial I’ve found out I don’t like my mattresses plush but rather my pancakes. My lack of sleep always leaves me ready to just spring out of bed and make my way to the kitchen for breakfast.

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Turk-ish Granola

Does anyone else have a hard time getting going on workday mornings or is that just me? I work in the coffee industry and therefore usually don’t make coffee at home, but I need something before interacting with people in a more acceptable and civil manner. This granola helps as a “band-aid” until I get the real stuff.

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Savory Pumpkin Curry Muffins

Sometimes baking out of necessity leave you with the most surprising of good results. Key word “sometimes”. This time was one of those times. I knew I had some ingredients on hand and needed to use my homemade pumpkin puree so I created this tasty, savory breakfast option for my mornings. I try not to start of my day plummeting into sugar, my and most Americans’ drug of choice. It doesn’t help that I’ve recently watched 3 documentaries back-to-back on the sugar industry and hidden sugars in our food supply. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s terrifying. This rainy Monday morning was the perfect opportunity to make these happen. Fun fact: the kitchen is my favorite shelter to ride out a storm. Continue reading

Oil-Free Granola

I love granola.  It’s a perfect carb to carry me through the morning’s first several hours, keeping hunger at bay and me focused on other tasks at hand.  But a lot of store bought granolas include heaping amounts of sugars, preservatives and a plethora of oil.  I’m not about that life.  So one summer morning I decided just to make my own with the ingredients that I had on hand at that exact moment and made a granola I now keep on hand regularly. It is full of healthy fats, low in sugar, whole grains, and omega-3s! A little bit of granola goes a long way. A great addition to yogurt or alone with your favorite milk, kefir or nut milk and even served on top of fresh, warm grain-free pancakes with a light honey drizzle! Also, perfect for topping off sliced bananas.

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The Season of Cake

In the past few months of my silence I have undergone many major life changes.  New housing, moving, being extremely sick (twice), traveling, new job position, new vehicle, major choices, etc.  With all of this mental exhaustion and just the weight of the stress of adulthood where it seems most of my conscious hours are spent worrying about this bill or that errand, I have greatly neglected the things that simply make me happy.  One of the greatest, cooking.  More specifically, baking.

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Chicken Mole and Veggies

I know that Spring is coming but I can’t help but keep falling in love with fall veggies and flavors over and over again.  I’m not even mad about it, in fact, I’m very much okay with that.  I love eating what is seasonal and available locally, but sometimes you just crave sweet potatoes and black beans.  Anyway, it’s been a while, too long if you ask me, since I’ve written.  Life again had caught up with me and bogged me and my free time down, making me unable to update the blog.  But I’m back again!


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