Mini Carrot Cakes with Tahini Buttercream



Happy May! Spring has sprung in Texas but in reality it’s more like pre-summer. There are really only two seasons in Texas: summer and winter. Then we have a tiiiiny little amount of time that’s pre-spring and pre-winter. But right when the warmer weather peeks its head through the clouds I get out and about.

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Food Fued: Avocado Toast

There are many notable feuds alive and well in the world: Yankees vs. Red Socks, chocolate vs. vanilla, republicans vs. democrats, etc.  But no one loves a feud as much as a food feud.  Growing up on neighborhood streets there’s the battle of “my dad’s burger is better than your dad’s” and many restaurants claiming to have the “original” dish in their city!  Well I’ve brought it home, all the way into my own kitchen, turning one piece of toast against another, and in this battle, I’m the real winner.  (hello, I get to eat them all!)

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