Smoky Chili Cobbler

Growning up in a Texas home we were raised on chili during the colder months of the year. There was nothing like coming home after school or any number of practices to see that there was a piping-hot homemade pot of chili sitting on the stove with some fresh cornbread muffins waiting to be devoured. We had the extras on the side so we could make our own bowls, especially since we had some picky eaters in the family (*cough* my sister *cough*).

chili skillet

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Ultra-Plush Johnny Cakes

Although I don’t know where the name “Johnny Cakes” comes from or if there were even a Johnny involved I do know that I’ve been testing out king-sized beds and pillows so I can get some king-sized Zzzzzs at night. Me + a 6’3″ tall husband on a queen bed = no good. Through the trial I’ve found out I don’t like my mattresses plush but rather my pancakes. My lack of sleep always leaves me ready to just spring out of bed and make my way to the kitchen for breakfast.

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Smoky Tortilla Soup

Texas is known for having all four seasons in one day. This winter has been no exception with sunny weather in the day suddenly plummeting into nearly frozen temperatures at night and a rain storm or two during the day. And on cold, wet nights I crave soup. All kinds, I’m really not biased. This one night in particular I didn’t want to leave the house so I used ingredients that I had on hand, intended for another dish, and made a soup. It helps that I also keep a plethora of Latin ingredients in my pantry at all times.
This soup is so smoky and deep, in almost no time at all, which deceives you in to thinking it has been on the stove all day long.

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Ten Ramen

When I say “ramen” I bet most of you are picturing 99 cent packages of dried noodles with the saltiest powder you will ever put on anything.  Well no.  You are wrong.  That is as much ramen as McDonald’s is to a good, real hamburger.  Nope.  That won’t do. So let’s reset your mind with authentic ramen, the way the Japanese invented it.  And the best way for Dallas to do that is at Zagat-rated Ten Ramen.  The much anticipated opening by chef Teiichi Sakurai of Dallas’ own Tei-An  has been well received.  Hidden away in a small corner at Sylvan Thirty in Oak Cliff is this gem.  A gem that will not be hidden for long.

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